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New winter boots from New Look

Five years ago I wouldn't be caught dead in boots like these but as fashion changes, so does personal taste (well mine anyway). My previous pair of winter boots were a much beloved calf length leather pair from Next, but after 2 years of constant wear they needed replacing. Each time it rained I silently prayed and hoped for the best but they finally gave way last month and I went home with wet socks/soggy feet.

I wanted a pair of workman/biker style boots but couldn't seem to find the right style until I met up with a friend and she was wearing these, which are from New Look. I hate being a copycat but I loved them so much and I had to have them. I only see her about twice a month anyway and I can wear other shoes! I deliberated over whether I should get the exact same black pair as she had, but decided to go with the brown version.

I have been wearing these everyday for the past month and they are yet to let rain in. They do, however, always end up getting small pebbles inside. How does this happen?! They can be worn with anything but I've been tucking my black skinny jeans into em - poor quality mismatched changing room pic here.

At £26.99, they're not real leather but you can't really tell and they're so sturdy that it makes up for it. However one of the (most stupid) reasons I love them, is because they make a satisfying "clomp" sound when I walk.


  1. Ooohh those look awesome! Ive been wanting them so bad! I think you made the right choice going with the brown too :)

  2. Love them, the colour is perfect !! :)

  3. I love these boots! they look so comfy
    Do you know what Une tasse means in french???????

  4. I have a similar pair, love the colour!

  5. I have thoseee, i'm lazy with shoes so they're pretty much the only thing i wear ;)

    I also have the pebble issue, is like walking on friggin glass sometimes! xx

  6. Love these boots, love the lace up style!

  7. @Barttart - They seem to be everywhere at the moment, I guess it's finding a style you like :)

    @Makeup by Yass - I've never had brown boots before, but I like them!

    @Marilou - They are actually really comfy. And haha yes I dooo, it means a cup/mug.

    @3ate4 - Ooh which ones do you have?

    @Shayla - I know what you mean, I can't get enough of these. Those pebbles are so annoying, I always stop in the street to empty my shoe!

    @StyleFrost - Me tooo x

  8. Lol yes means cup or mug but in slang it also means a short name for a BITCH !!!! HAHA (it's true!)

  9. LOL omg!! I mean it in the cup way! x

  10. I was trying on a similiar pair in the shops the other week... I'm not yet convinced as to whether they're really 'me' but I do need a pair of shoes to brave the snow and rain!


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