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Mac Plumful lipstick

Hallelujah! An internet connection at last, so I can finally post about my first Mac lipstick.

It's also the very first lip colour I can wear without thinking, "Does this look okay? Can I pull it off?". As the name would suggest it's a plum but with pink tones so I find it more wearable.

The lustre finish means it goes on sheer, which I prefer as I can build up the colour. This also means it doesn't last very long but I don't mind this because I love reapplying due to it's yummy scent. It also makes me feel lady like (ha).

It's heavily swatched in my previous photo so you can get a better idea of the colour. However because my lips are very pigmented, it shows up darker on me. If I really wanted to, I could blank out my lips with concealer beforehand but it's too much effort!

I'm still new to the world of lipstick so don't think I will be buying another Mac one too soon. For now I'm going to stick with this but look forward to the day I feel confident enough to rock a deep red. I'm looking at you Russian Red.


  1. I have plum from MAC and I think the difference is the finish. Plum is matte finish. this really looks awesome on you!! Do buy the russian red and let me know how it looks..

  2. i love this colour, its one of those that doesnt look do heavy or 'done' so it can still look quiet natural.

  3. love this! i think you look really pretty in this shade :)

  4. Thanks for all your comments guys xx


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