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Lanvin for H&M

On sale from the 23 November 2010, this is another collaboration I will be avoiding (even though I think it's 100x better than the Jimmy Choo one). It's not that the collection is awful but not much stood out and items are highly priced. The least expensive item is a tee shirt at £24.99 whilst shoes are £69.99 and dresses from £99+. However I do love the men's collection which is more fairly priced. The shirts and blazers are really snazzy!

I love Alber Elbaz's dresses for Lanvin so it was natural that the only pieces in this H&M collection I was drawn to were these two dresses.

With the price tag of £99 each, they are out of my budget but if you're looking for a pretty party dress for the upcoming festive season, don't think you could go wrong with these.

I'm really intrigued about this lipstick though which I think is the same colour as the packaging. Might pick this up seeing as it's an affordable £7.99.

Do you think I can get away with asking for a bag for my teeny tiny lipstick purchase? I love them!

All images taken from the H&M website.


  1. love the yellow dress - just gorgeous!!

  2. Ohhh prices are a bit steep for H&M/Lanvin aren't they?! I do like the look of the lippy though. Lanvin haven't done makeup before so should be interesting to see if it's any good xx

  3. @bollywoodstylediaries - I love them both, but the pink one a bit more. I have a thing for frills :)xx

    @Sami - I think it's too expensive considering French Connection dresses are similarly priced xx

  4. I Love the packaging of the lipstick :)


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