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Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil

...aka the best pigmented black pencil eyeliner out at the moment (well I think so anyway!).

I wear lenses so my eyes are very watery and anything I wear on my waterline just gets washed away. For years Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil liner in Zero was my go to waterproof eyeliner of choice but even that ended up smudging into nothing by the end of the day. At £11.50 it wasn't brilliant or pocket friendly, so I tried Gosh's waterproof velvet touch eyeliner which was £5. It had good staying power but the colour was dull and faded.

However this Avon one is AMAZINGand fulfils all my eyeliner needs

Look how black it is! I have not edited this photo in any way whatsoever.

It's very soft and creamy, similar to a kohl but it does not fade or smudge. The second photo is after I rubbed hard with wet fingers but I stupidly took this photo first so I had to reapply liner over the top which is why the first lines are thicker.

If you love very pigmented black eyeliner pencils then you should definitely get this. It's only £6 and you will not be dissatisfied! I couldn't find the exact one on the Avon website but they have a silver and a black shimmer colour. I don't know if they're rebranding or if it's just out of stock? It's also worth signing up to their newsletter if you do decide to make an order because they sometimes have discount codes for first time buyers.

To be honest, I always thought that Avon makeup was a bit "mumsy" (for lack of a better word) but this eyeliner has totally changed my view and I'm now wondering if they have any other makeup gems out there?


  1. I've wanted this for agessss! And it isn't on their website :( I'll just stick with my pencil for now :(

  2. @Sana - I hope it comes back! It would be silly for it not too especially since a lot of people love it x

  3. If your eyes are watering a lot because of your contact lens then you should get some different ones, I only say that because I had the same problem with my old ones and my new optician said that if they make your eyes water once you've got them in (i.e. 20 mins later), you should really change as they can do you damage that can't be rectified.

    I really want this liner too, my brother's mate, his mum is an Avon lady and has one put on the side for me but I just don't get time to pick it up. I've been using a Collection 2000 one which is brilliant for smudging but not so good for neat lining.

  4. damn i shud av put my order in sooner, hope it comes bak on the site!

  5. Haha I totally agree with the word "mumsy" as I thought the same, however reading this has made think otherwise! I might have to give it a go when it comes back!
    You have a wonderful blog :) x

  6. Oooh looks amazing! Lovely blog!

    The Flower Girl


  7. @Rhamnousia - they're not watery as in streaming, it's just that my eyeliner always smudges away ever since I wore contacts, i dont know why! I haven't seen the collection 2000 one so will check it out xx

    @Amina - It should come back, I only bought one! xx

    @Melanie and Becky-May - thanks for your kind comments :) xx

  8. Black eyeliner is an essential and this ones looks super

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  9. have you tried layering waterproof liquid eyeliner on first and then if you want a smudgier look, layering on a pencil eyeliner?

  10. This is the second blog I've seen reviewing this eyeliner and I REALLY wanted it, but can't find it on the website :(

    Great review though xxx

  11. Avon reminds me of my mum! But I have to say, I've found some lovely, affordable products from there in the past...x


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