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NOTD: American Apparel in Rouge

Remember when I said I went on a nail polish spree? Well these are American Apparel polishes I came home with. I know they've been around for a while but I forgot they existed until Becky from Style and the City posted about one colour in particular.

The colour I'm wearing today is Rouge, a dark and dusky rose which is very Autumnal. This is (a messy) two coats but I actually prefer one coat as it looks lighter and prettier in my opinion.

They're £7 each or three for £17 and I could have easily bought 10 bottles. There are so many nice colours and it was really hard to choose just three. Temptalia has swatches of pretty much the whole collection here and here. I defy anyone to have a look and not want at least two or three!


  1. they look soo pretty, you've tempted me to get some now! hah

  2. They're so hard to resist, honestly.

  3. omg that so is the colout i would av picked as well

  4. @Amina lol I was thinking that too

  5. I'm not a big fan of dark nail polish but the purple one looks nice - would love to see a swatch x


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