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NOTD: H&M Hello Kitty in Turquoise

The other day I went on a nail polish spree and came home with 5 new bottles. I only went in for one but I just couldn't help myself, which always seems to be the case. This what I am wearing on my nails today.

This bottle caught my eye whilst browsing H&M and I wasn't too sure if their Hello Kitty branded polishes were any good but I loved the bright colour.

It's definitely a two coater and really does need a top coat to make it glossy. The consistency of the polish isn't brilliant and I wasn't expecting much for £1.99, but the brush? Frigging awful! Worst brush ever - it's thin and the bristles are stuck together making the polish drag and the application VERY frustrating. Arghh!

Steer clear if you're ever tempted. The colour is lovely but turquoise polishes can be found in any brand.


  1. such a lovely bright colour! I love wearing turquoise on my nails! Xx

  2. It's the first time I'm wearing turquoise but I like it :)

  3. What a shame the brush is turd, I love me some hello kitty! x

  4. love your header:) that colour is gorgeous on your hails!

    love your blog hon, check out mine if you want hon, we might have a bit in common :)

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