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Prestige 'My Longest Lashes' Pro Lengthening Mascara

I know which high street mascaras work for me (Maybelline Colossal and Max Factor False Lash Effect) but I always get stupidly tempted by something on offer which I later regret. This Prestige mascara is my latest mistake. The £6.99 price tag looked good  and I like their eyeliners so thought it wouldn't be all bad.

To be fair it does what it says - it really lengthens my lashes. First photo is one coat, second photo is two coats. It's very pigmented, doesn't flake and is easy enough to remove. My only niggle about the formulation is that it stays tacky for a little while after application and can clump if not careful.

So why don't I like it? The spiky rubber brush is so cheap and is flimsy as hell. See how it flops and bends in the above photo? This makes it difficult to get a "grip" on my lashes and I have to really work to apply the mascara effectively. EXTREMELY annoying when I'm in a rush getting ready for work in the morning.

I would promise not to stray from my faithful mascaras but I know that's not going to happen. Curiosity always gets the better of me :(


  1. I have their My Biggest Lash and had to resist buying this and I'm glad I did. Their other one is a bit liquidy too but if I've got time then I make sure to use it as it really makes your lashes thicker.

    I'll steer clear of this, thanks!

    I still need to try the Max Factor one, I've been saying that for years though..I never run out of mascara so I can't justify buying new ones.

  2. @Rhamnousia - you must try the max factor one. It's one of my favourite mascaras ever xx

  3. I'm the same, I can't stop myself from trying out new mascaras! My best ever was a Chanel one but sadly I can't afford that on a regular basis...but based on your review this is one I won't be picking up, you've just saved my bank account ;) xx

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  5. Which mascara would you recommend for volume? Does colossal really work?

  6. Wow, it looks great on you! Like you, I have trouble staying faithful to a specific mascaras, as there's always tons of new ones that come out!

  7. Thanks for the review I'm going to try it now ;)

  8. recently i tried the no7 360 mascara i had like a mini size and it really gave me length and kept a curl without clumping, i really liked it tho my only gripe was it dried up quick (a week) though i fink that was my fault -iv had it for ages!!


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