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I am bored therefore I shop

When boredom prevails, you end up taking stupid photos with your cat. Oh, just me?

I had the most mind numbingly boring weekend last week. I had 5 days off as I took two days sick leave on Thursday and Friday with a tummy bug and I don't work Mondays. All my friends had their own plans and the Mr was bedridden with food poisoning after a dodgy chicken burger incident. Plus the weather was downright awful so no amble in the park for me. Seriously, what is up with the torrential rain? It's MID JUNE!!

There's only so many times you can watch Friends repeats (the same ep twice a day is my limit) and listen to your favourite song at the moment. What I wanted to do was shop! But I wanted instant gratification - no twiddling of thumbs whilst waiting for parcels to be delivered, oh no. Seeing as it was a Sunday and the shops closed early, my only option was the local shopping centre, on my lonesome in the bleeding rain.

My little high street haul

From Topshop I bought a much needed pair of flip flops after the cat chewing incident and a new purse! I'm not a purse person at all, I keep change in my pockets and my cards in a tatty Oyster card holder which was falling apart so I thought why not get this? It was only £6 and I'm not sure if the pattern is supposed be clouds but I think it's cute.

From Superdrug I bought this Beautyuk baked blush in "Peaches and Cream". There were no testers but it looked so pretty so I coughed up the £3.99. Big mistake! Came home and swatched it and barely anything showed up. It's not even peach, it's pink!!

In Boots, I used my No7 vouchers to get the eyelash curler after Rhamnousia posted about it. I've only ever used H&M curlers before and I think I may prefer them to this even though they're perfectly fine. Just a case of personal preference really. Also bought a lipstick in Bare and a Ruby & Millie blush from the clearance bit. I'll be doing separate posts on these two another time but I do loooove the nude lippie. I've still got three No7 vouchers to use but I don't need anything, I just feel like I *have* to use them.

Sorry if this has been a long rambly post! It's still raining but I'm off out now to eat some yummy Turkish food with a friend. Hope you all have a good Friday night whatever you're doing :) xx

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  1. Cuteeee kitty! Adorable I wanna pet him/her!

    Also I need to try those curlers!

  2. @Sana thanks, it's a he :D the curlers are only £1.64 if you've got a no7 voucher but it ends on Sunday so hurry xx

  3. Lol I had 3 vouchers too. I used one to buy the Hot Cloth Cleanser, then I bought an exfoliating sponge, and then 2 cleansing sponges. I would highly recommend the metallic eyeliners!

  4. The Beautyuk blush looks pretty (:

  5. I also bought the beauty UK blush. You should try the pink one it's really pretty.

  6. Lovely haul! :) I have also bought a blush in Royal Rose by beauty uk. It shows up beautifully on my skin :)It's a pink shade. Yes you do need to build it up.

    Your kitty is adorable x

  7. I've done way too much online shopping recently and finally got all my parcels! Love the cute purse, No 7 products have never impressed me, I only ever buy their nail polishes x

  8. Your blog is actually really funny lol - i love your sense of humour! When I'm bored.. I shop too lol oops naughty me!

    The purse is really cute! Can't wait to see your post on the eyelash curlers,, I need a new pair! x

  9. @That Girl - oh I couldn't find any of those in my small local Boots :(

    @Gaby - It does look pretty but I was unimpressed by the colour payoff

    @Makeup by Yass & @Sara.H - Someone else has reccommended the pink blush so I might swatch it next time I'm in store.

    @Jazzy E - thanks!

    @Style Frost - Same here! I would only ever buy something with a voucher, I think it's so overpriced otherwise.

    @roshas - haha thanks Roshni! xx

  10. Lol, you are too funny chic :) Love the kitty pic, he looks hilarious! Oh and you are so not alone hun, the amount of crazy cat pics I have... Really wanna try the No.7 eyelash curler, would love to know what you thinks of it! :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  11. I am always exactly the same when I'm bored, I always wanna shop!


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