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Love thy name is....Inglot Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil #28

A bit of a mouthful and slightly annoying that these lip pencils forgo names for numbers but they are amazing. It is only recently that I've become enamoured with lipsticks and I'm building up quite a collection but I would happily only wear this one forever!

This chunky pencil is a dream to use and so easy, no need to faff around with a lip brush. Just outline and colour in - simple. The pencil nib is hard but it doesn't drag at all like others can. And the colour #28....

...is gorgeous and so pigmented. I absolutely love it.

Usually my dry lips and matte formulations do not get on at all but this one isn't a very "dry" formula probably because of the avocado butter it contains. When I read about matte lipsticks with Shea butter and other moisturising ingredients I usually scoff because they never ring true. However whilst this Inglot pencil isn't moisturising, it's not chalky, doesn't drag and you don't need a thin layer of lip balm beforehand.

So what does it look like on? Here are two perfect examples of how NOT to take blog photos.

Exhibit A: Vacant with smudged eyeliner. Exhibit B: Blinded by the flash.

I took these photos last week and couldn't take any new ones because of my pesky cold sore. Plus I think photos of lipstick being worn are more helpful than swatches when gaging whether it will suit your own skin tone. Even if they are the worst ones in the world.

It doesn't last all day but the staying power is really good. Eating and drinking with this on is fine as there is minimal transfer. When it does start to fade, you're left with a pink stain instead of "bitty" lips.

The price is £9 for 4.5g although I bought mine for £7.20 as MUAs get 20% off and Amina kindly let me use her discount. I think it's well worth the price because it will last for ages. I've used mine quite a few times and there's no need to sharpen it yet. I will definitely go back for more, perhaps next time a more neutral everyday colour as I save this one for "going out".

What are your favourite Inglot products?


  1. Am I right in thinking this is a twisty lip pencil?.. Xx

  2. Nope, just a standard one so you do need to sharpen it xx

  3. the colour really suits you! It reminds me of Mac Pink Plaid! xx

  4. Ooh I really wnat to try one of these out - I've heard really good things. I totally agree, it's so much more helpful seeing photos of the lipstick on rather than swatches - much easier to imagine it on me that way!

  5. Ooh lovely colour! It looks fab on you. I love the how-not-to-take-blog-pictures pictures, they made me chuckle! And 100% in agreement about the need to see lipsticks on, rather than swatches - thanks for posting them hon! x

  6. The colour looks gorgeous on you :) X

  7. That pink looks lovely on you, really suits you! x

  8. I'm sorry but LOL! I love you really. Lovely li colour on you though, def check these out next time im at Westfield.

    and who am i to laugh at your photos, i use PHOTOBOOF! I'm just one big blur ;) xxx

  9. Aww Tass you joker! You really made me giggle with the 'how NOT to' pics! Oh I wish I'd known about these pencils when we were in there! I've never tried any of their products & like yourself am a sufferer of the dry lips :/ Will defo check these out next time! Hope you're well sweety!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. bahahahahahah u crack me up like the colour tho!!


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