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I wanted to do a post on a new lip pencil I bought but I'm in hayfever hell today and look absolutely horrendous. I'm currently looking for a dark hole to crawl in (armed with a stack of Benedryl tablets) and not resurface again until late Autumn.

Here's a post about rings on the UK high street instead. I'm not a big ring wearer to be honest because I think they can make my fat fingers look even more chubby. However I am really liking the trend for big chunky rings at the moment. I bought this turquoise pair from H&M at the cheapo price of £3.99 but sadly they don't fit and they seem to be sold out everywhere else grrr.

L-R - Top: 1/2/3/4 Middle: 5/6/7/8 Bottom: 9/10/11/12

I did a bit of internet trawling and these are some of the my picks, divided into semi-precious stones, skulls and animals. Don't think I could pull the skulls off but I do like the look of them. My favourites are the "blue irregular stone" ring and the elephant ring which are both from Dorothy Perkins. I've never bought any jewellery from there and was surprised at the good selection.

What do you think? Do you like this trend?


  1. I just bought 2 new turquiose rings today! (pics on my blog)
    I'm also weary of them making my horrible hands look fat... I have short fat fingers to begin with but I love big rings!

    Pity they don't fit you!
    The skulls one's are to scary for me :)


  2. I bought all 3 colour sets in these rings lol, love them! I really don't like animal rings, maybe its just my age lol! x

  3. I love all the semi-precious stone rings that are around at the moment. I'm reluctant to spend much money on them though as I will definitely lose or break them, I'm terrible with rings. I'm always taking them off without really realising what I'm doing and leaving them everywhere!

  4. LOVE these rings. too bad they dont fit you! :(


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