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Wedding update - I've bought my shoes!

Okay hold your horses I haven't bought a pair of Christian Louboutins, these are just my dream wedding shoes for you to perve on. Taking into account that a) I don't have £1,995 to spare and b) if I did, I would have to hobble down the aisle, these beautiful Swarovski crystal encrusted 4 inch heels were never going to be mine. Instead I had to find a pair of bridal shoes on the high street.

I'm not very picky but I had a few requirements: they had to be under £70, have a peep toe and a heel under 4 inches but most of all they had to be PRETTY. There are many wedding shoe specialists (like Rainbow) and I know that the shoes are very comfortable and all but to me, most of them look clumpy and generally unappealing, plus they can cost anything from £85 upwards. I didn't even care about the colour, I just wanted something affordable I could wear again.

Yesterday I found this Ivory pair by Dune! I finished work at 2pm and was browsing the sales in Debenhams when I spotted them for £45 down from £75. They didn't have my size so I had to go to 5 different stores on Oxford St before I found them. After dodging charity peeps and weaving in and out of slow walking tourists in the 31 degree heat, I ended up a sweaty mess but it was worth it because I do really like them. They're not perfect but they're a right bargain which will do me fine! The heels are rather thin so I'll have to get used to that and the right side which was on display is a bit grubby but I can get it cleaned.

If you've seen anything nicer, don't tell me because I can't return these!


  1. I love the shoes - so pretty and classy :) xx

  2. OMG I read your first sentence too fast, I thought you said you HAD bought a pair of Christian Louboutins LOL! I was like OMGGGG!!! But these ones are super classy and pretty (:

    Oh yes, I got your giveaway prize in the mail too day! Can't wait to try everything, thank you again!!! =D

  3. I totally thought you got the Loubs at first!!
    I'm loving the Dune ones though.. They're so elegant!! :) xx

  4. i think they are very simple & elegant! ad five stores?? you area women on a mission my friend!

    i would also like to take you up on the offer of ditching our hubbys to be and going on a honey moon together, haha the world is our oyster! although you may have to wait a v.long time before matt pops the q ;)xxx

  5. Those are lovely!
    They look almost exactly like the pair I wore with morning dress... Except they were gold.
    If I remember correctly your wedding date is the same as my sister's?
    How you holding up? Everything sorted?


  6. WOW! LOVE your shoes :) <3

  7. Love these shoes! great post and you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  8. Thanks guys!

    @Sriya & @Gaby - I wish I bought the Loubs but they cost more than my wedding venue itself! xx

    @CityGirlsFashionBox - Let's do it! :D xx

    @Laiqah - Yup same as your sister's :) Everything is coming along quite slowly but it's going well (I hope) xx

  9. I may anger a lot of die hard Louboutin fans, but I kinda like your choice better than the Louby's... lol


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