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No7 lipstick in Bare. A good nude for WOC?

I've been looking for a nude lipstick for a long time and it's been a bit difficult as most nudes that are marketed are for women who are about 10 shades lighter than me! I've already made the mistake of buying a few which look completely ridiculous. I guess the trick is not to buy a milky beige/pink colour but a warm brown with pink undertones.

Like this swatch of Bare!

I think this is the perfect nude lipstick for me. It erases my natural lip colour without washing me out and I feel really comfortable wearing it. A great everyday colour.

I have to say that I'm not really impressed with No7 as a brand itself. I bought this with my £5 off voucher but the original RRP is £10. I feel like this is a complete rip off and that No7 makeup is grossly overpriced for what it is. The quality of this is on par with a £1 MUA lipstick I bought a while back. The lipstick goes on thinly and smells waxy and cheap, whilst the packaging is plasticy and really dated.

I wouldn't buy this again, I just hope that I can find the same colour in another brand. Anyone know of anything similar?


  1. I'm glad you've found a colour which acts as a nude for you! I agree with how No7 is grossly overpriced; one of my friends still thinks their polishes are the beesknees yet whenever she wears them, her nails are constantly chipped! x

  2. @Jenny - I've never tried the polishes but I think they look rubbish :3 x

  3. Looks great on you.
    Your swatch reminds me of MAC Cherish lipstick. Think it might be lighter though (finished it a while back and keep forgetting to buy another) but I remember loving it!
    Swatch to see if that works for you, also Half n Half might work?


  4. @Laiqah - I already have Half and Half and it doesn't suit me at all :( I will check out Cherish though, thank youuu xx

  5. I love Cherish - it's a great colour for day and night!

    N0.7 just doesn't appeal to me! I have their pencil brush and it's so rubbish lol! x


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