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Anyone for a cuppa?

I used to be indifferent towards tea but my boyfriend drinks so much of it that he converted me and now I love it! I usually get through two cups a day - one after lunch and one at night (often accompanied by biscuits).

With the recent hot weather I've started drinking the morrocan mint tea from Whittards. It's really refreshing, and it does help aid digestion after a heavy meal.


Freebie alert! I got these teabags from Clipper in the post today. You can sign up on their website to become a taster and they'll send you a trial pack of 10 teabags with two money off vouchers to purchase a full size pack. I think it tastes just as good as any of the leading brands with the added bonus of being cheaper and fairtrade!

It's my friend's surprise birthday party tommorow but I have no money to buy her anything so I searched the web for inspiration on some homemade gifts. Iam going to attempt to make this exfoliating sugar scrub that I found on this really good craft blog called Grace Violet and toffee popcorn from the BBC website. I hope they turn out alright......

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