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Yesterday I went to see Clint Mansell play live and it was AMAZING! He's a British composer/musician who is most known for his film soundtracks (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler etc.) His name might not be recognisable but I guarantee you will have heard his music because it's used a lot in film trailers and tv shows -most notably Top Gear and X Factor.

I was sitting next to the director of the aforementioned films, Darren Aronofsky (Rachel Weiz's fiance) and Trudie Styler!! Plus the producer from Gnarls Barkley was sat in front of us and my boyfriend was so chuffed to meet him. Not gonna bang on too much about it but you should check him out if you like contemporary classical music as it's along the same lines. I'm currently listening to one of his songs from the new film "Moon".

Mesmerising stuff!

Okay onto my latest buy! I've decided not to straighten/blowdry my hair for a good while, so I've been letting it dry naturally and rocking my loose curls. My hair is very thick so I have to tame it with lots of serum if I don't want to end up looking like a frizz ball. My frizz ease has just about run out and I didn't want to pay £6 something for a new one! Instead I picked this Curl Hydration leave in cream from Tresemme up as it was on promotion in Boots for £3.15.

It's from the Flawless Curls collection which is one of the new ranges they have out I think? Anyway this is what it says on the front - "moisturises & smoothes for frizz-free defined curls & waves". You're supposed to use this after washing your hair but I used a small amount on dry hair to tame my frizz, so I'm not sure how good it is at creating/defining curls but will do a follow up when I get the chance.

From what I've seen so far I really like it. It smells great - the signature Tresemme scent and does the job well. In fact I've used this everyday for the past 3 days and it doesn't make your hair greasy at all, nor does it leave a greasy residue on your hands. And my hair really does feel moisturised. I also like the packaging - look at that funky lime green pump! Hopefully will do a post in the next few days on how it works in wet hair :)

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