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I really want to like Lush products but I just can't seem to find a product that I would go back and purchase again. I've experimented with lots of different ones from all the ranges and nothing has stood out at all.

Here is what I've tried over the past few years:

This has a lovely Vanilla scent which does stay after you've rinsed it. However I didn't think it conditioned my hair as well as any other brand, plus it was really expensive. £7.39 for a 250ml bottle.

Trichomania solid shampoo. I asked for a sample of this because I love the smell of coconut and it claims to make dry hair softer. It was awkward to use, I had to rub it hard into my wet hair before I could get any lather and I didn't think it was very coconuty at all.

Jungle solid conditioner. I also got this as a sample with the above. This was also awkward to use, even more so because when you rub it into your hair, you can't tell if you've actually distributed it at all. I hated this so much. I rinsed it loads but it still left my hair slightly waxy and the smell, oh god. I can't really describe it, but it's really strong and it made me want to heave. I tried to wash it out but it still lingered until the next day.

Rock star soap. I love this! It smells amazing, but once again, this scent doesn't stay on your skin once you've rinsed it off.

Ultrabland. This is something that everyone raves about so I decided to give it a go. It's marketed as a cleanser, but a lot of people use it to remove their makeup aswell. You rub it on your face then remove it with a cotton pad and warm water. The consistency is like a sugary honey paste and it leaves your skin quite soft. It just seems too much of a hassle for me, and at around 9 quid, I'd be better off making my own concoction up.

This isn't the exact solid deodorant that I bought but I wanted to show what they generally looked like as mine is no longer sold. This one is called Aromacreme? I can't remember what mine was called, but it was a dark yellow colour (My mum asked why I had a lump of mouldy cheese on my shelf haha) and smelled of some essential oil which I also can't remember......useful I know! Anyway, I think it does kind of work but it leaves a kind of waxy film under your armpits and the scent is strong. I used it on and off for about two months before reverting to my aerosol deodorant.

Shower jelly! I've got a special xmas edition that isn't on their site anymore but this is what they basically look like. It smells lovely but is so annoying to use! It's like a mixture of jelly and rubber and I had a hard time ripping a chunk off with wet hands.

Here is a short list of pros and cons:


- Their concept. Im all for fresh, handmade and cruelty free products.
- The scents are gorgeous. Sometimes I'm tempted to eat their soap :3
- The cute colours!
- Most products don't use a lot of packaging, which inturn means that they are cheaper. Plus, if you return 5 empty pots, you get a free face mask. Sweet!
- Their sales assistants are always friendly and very generous with samples. They never refuse.


- The smell of their shops can be overbearing, with all those strong scents together in one place.
- They don't have a long shelf life (this is because they don't contain preservatives)
- Despite having a strong scent, they don't seem to transfer onto your skin.
- In some cases, the lack of packaging. Some products will go mouldy if they aren't stored properly (i.e in a dry place, which isn't ideally your bathroom. I know you can purchase tins from Lush for this purpose so this is a bit of a weak one...

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