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First NYX purchase

So I've heard and read a lot about this American brand from other beauty blogs as well as YouTube guru's and they seem to have nothing but praise so naturally I was intrigued and wanted to try them out for myself! However they aren't available in the UK yet so I had to search for sites that delivered here but I thought I'd put it off for another day and I'm glad I did! I was looking for tutorials for Asian skin tones and came across InnerBelle on YT who said she had found somewhere that sold NYX in London and it was really close to me!

The shop is called East End Cosmetics and is a 3min walk from Liverpool Street station so I went to check it out the other day. Their sections are higgledy piggledy, and seem to be a bit random? I walked around the store like 6 times trying to look for any NYX product.

Eventually I managed to find a glass counter with NYX products but they only stocked lip liners, lip glosses and eyeliners - not the lipsticks or eyeshadows I wanted to try. I also spotted their cream glitter palettes but I thought they looked a bit cheap. You're not allowed to test anything and there aren't any testers (which is stupid imo) but I picked up a white eye/eyebrow pencil and rummaged round until I found a lip gloss in a fanciable shade.

The best thing is that each item was £1.99! You can't even get drugstore brand makeup like Rimmel or Collection 2000 for as little as that!

Here's a teeny tiny swatch of the Round Lip Gloss in Real Nude, which I think has got to be the perfect nude for me. The formula is just right, not too thin and not too sticky, and the colour goes on well. My one is faulty seeing as the stopper thing came off the second time I opened it. This is really annoying since it causes it to push excess gloss up and now it leaks constantly!

It was cheap so I'm not that upset about it, merely irritated. However my main gripe is the scent. It is strong, pungent and has a chemical like smell - it reminded me of Cif (the lemon scented cleaning detergent) and it really put me off using it. I googled it and apparently they changed their scent from lemon to sherbet, so I don't know if it's because mine is from an old batch? I'm still going to use it but I'm going to look out for the lipstick version which the guy said would be in stock from next week. I'm not going to write too much about the eye pencil but it is good, and you get a lot for your money!Look how long it is, plus it has a pretty drawing of a chic lady. I really do love their packaging, it's simple and sophisticated unlike other cheap counterparts. Looking forward to reviewing their lipsticks in the near future.

And finally, just wanted to show my purchases from the other day. I picked up these earrings for 98p and the pearl headband for £1.50. Gotta love Primark!


  1. Hey hun, thanks for ur lovely message, jus wanted to say the lipgloss i bought from east end cosmetics had the same stopper problem... gr8 blog, ima sit here and look through it now, maybe itll encourage me to do more on my blog LOL i should!

  2. ahh sorry for the late reply, i didn't get a notification for it?! yay more posts from you please lol xx


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