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BeautyUK neutral palette and Gosh eyeshadow primer

Following on from my haul post (like two weeks ago, sorry!) here is my review of the BeautyUK palette. I read about these palettes on quite a few blogs and they had good reviews, mostly about them being very pigmented for so low a price. They have about 4 palettes which have numbers instead of names and range from brights to pastels and metallics. I needed some neutral colours for work so picked up their number 4 palette for £3.42.

I like the range of colours they have. Everything you need for a smokey eye as well as everyday looks.

I'm really disappointed with this. The colours are so wishy washy and do not show up well on my skintone at all. Pigmented? Ha! They are chalky and rub off easily.

I immediately disregarded this palette, chucked it to the back of my makeup drawer and only took it out to use when I needed a white highlight or the black to set my eyeliner.

Soon afterwards I purchased Gosh's eyeshadow base, which is the first drugstore primer I've come across. It wasn't too expensive either - about £5.87? And this is what it looks like:

It comes out as an almost sheer pearlescent colour and when blended feels slightly tacky.

I thought I could salvage my palette by using it with this primer. I tested the lightest brown colour which barely showed up on my arm before and this is the end result:

Not an enormous difference but at least it shows up! I will not bother to buy another BeautyUK palette as I think they're more suited to those with fair skin. I'm more than happy with my Sleek ones!


  1. Everyone Indian and black girl I know is raving on and on about these as if they're the best thing since sliced bread. They don't work for me at all. I'm so glad we share the same view on this, Sleek FTW!


  2. Hey altho i dont have the neutral pallets, i have the two brighter coloured pallets and to be honest they are quite pigmented with a base and especially if you use fix+ with the shimmer tones, they come out just fine considering the price you payed.

    On theyre own they are quite chalky and pointless for our skin tones, if you go to my very first posts with various looks i have done, there is a green/olive tone (picture 9) http://innerbelle.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-post.html i did this look using my pallet, and that came out really good using the colours i did - so perhaps maybe the colourful pallet is better then the rest.

  3. @ InnerBelle I prefer the Sleek palettes as you don't need a base, but it does look good on you. Maybe it's only the neutral palette?


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