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Mavala Minis

I am a nail polish addict but had never heard of the brand Mavala until I read about them on Lipglossiping. I especially loved the gorgeous nude colour in this NOTD. I knew that East End Cosmetics near Liverpool St station sold them, so I made a little trip down there.

Now I don't really reccommend this store as their customer service leaves much to be desired. One member of staff followed me around, breathing down my neck as I was browsing. This pisses me off to no avail. I know they're trying to prevent shoplifting but there is a better way of going about it. I would stop going there if they weren't the only place that sold NYX!

Anyway, I rummaged through a basket of polishes for a good 10 mins before settling on these beauties. Each polish costs £1.50 or 3 for £4.

I was supposed to be looking for nudes but I am too easily distracted by pretty pinks and corals. Upon returning home, I realised that "Varna" is another variant of the 10 other pink polishes I own, therefore I'm going to gift it to a friend. I don't know why I can't stop buying pinks! "Milky" is true to it's name in the sense that it's a "milky" creamy coral. Very cute on toenails!

Now I ummed and ahhed over several nude-y colours before deciding on "Silk".

It's coffee coloured but I don't know if I like it or not. At first I loved it, but now I'm not so sure. My boyfriend commented that it's the same colour as my skin - is this a good or bad thing? What do you think? Does it go or does it make my fingers look like the undead? What are good "nude" colours for darker skin tones? Help!


  1. Thank you for proving to my other half that this shop exists! I remember going here a while ago (some far relative owns a coat warehouse near there) and was convinced I'd just dreamt the shop up.

    I'm currently wearing a Nails Inc "nude" on my toes but it's meant for white skin as it looks salmon against my toes. My mum has a really good nude, I'll pester her about it when I see her next.

  2. All the nudes I see are meant for fair skintones :(

  3. great i was going to blog about mavala base coat - and i actually like it, it prolongs the wear of all my nail polishes, i didnt know east end cosmetics stocked them, so next time i pass i shall pop in, altho that man with the tash is RUDE!!

  4. wow you got a deal there! i cant believe i paid 3.70 for these in debenhams...doh!


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