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I NEED this nail polish in my life

First seen on Makeup and Beauty blog where the photos are taken from. Look at all that glitter....!

"Happy Birthday" by Lippmann Collection which I'm pretty certain is only sold in the US. I've already scoured ebay to no avail. Wahhh!!

Does anyone know if there is anything similar to this available in the UK? Not just a standard glitter polish but something with glitter in all shapes, sizes and colours exactly like this.


  1. omg that nail varnish is amazing! a friend of mine would love it! if you find out where it's from/available in the UK can you let me know please??? thanks Cx

  2. Well, you could have a look here: http://www.beautybridge.com/

    They haven't listed it yet, but only because it's a new product. (A quick email should sort out that omission!) And they ship internationally!

    You could also ask DL directly:

  3. @ carina100 I know it's amazing isn't it? I think I'm going to have to ask a friend visiting the US to purchase it for me though as I don't want to pay much for international shipping!

    @ anonymous thanks for the info!


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