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Benefit at TKMaxx

The only makeup I have ever seen sold at TKMaxx were packets of 4 Rimmel lipsticks (probably from 3 year old stock) so I was very surprised and delighted to come across Benefit. I really like Benefit at the moment, even though I admit some of their products are hit and miss - most notably Badgal Lash mascara. I really like the brush but it does nothing for me whatsoever. On the other hand, Erase Paste is my saviour!

What I really wanted though was a creaseless cream and my makeup dreams were answered.

There was only one and it was in a colour that I liked - Pre-nup. Benefit's official description of this colour is "rose metal". It looks like a warm brown in the jar but when applied it is pink. The thing I love about this is that it is very sheer but can be easily built up. I wear a slick of this with mascara to work and it's perfect - I can't wear heavy eye makeup so early in the morning. It doesn't crease at all but by 5pm the colour has slightly faded and what's left is the shimmer. However I don't mind this at all. Best of all? I paid £7.99 for this whilst the RRP is £14.

I also picked up this trio of face powders called Powder Pop which has the following: Dandelion, a brightening face powder; Hoola, a bronzing face powder; Dallas, an outdoor glow. I think this has been discontinued as I can't find it on the website but they do have "Powderazzi", which has Coralista instead of Dandelion.

These don't show up well on camera. I mainly bought this so I could try Dallas which my friend swears by. The other two I am not mad about - Dandelion  shows up as a pink shimmer when blended whilst Hoola is matte and makes my skin look dull/dirty? I quite like Dallas though, which I feel is more of a bronzer than Hoola. Overall not an amazing product but it'shandy to carry around in my bag and it comes with a mini brush! I think it used to retail at £24 but I paid £12, so not bad at all.

I've also seen some silky powder eyeshadows and "miss popularity" highlighters in my local store. The problem with TKmaxx is that products are not always guaranteed to be there and they vary from store to store . However it's worthwhile to have a look next time you go in. Try looking on bottom shelves and hidden behind other products!


  1. ooh lucky! i'll be defo checking out tk maxx but usually mine has nothing!

  2. oooh my tkmaxx never has anything exciting, shame :( anyhoo i think iv gone off benefit stuff and i think to me its the packaging that excites me more than the products itself.

    However, i do have benefits erase paste and the darkest of the three just about works for me, i have to say it does a pretty good job in brightening up the eye area.

    and Dallas which i totally love.

    But thats about it, nothing else i i fancy besides all of their packaging *drools* damn expesive packaging!

    ps that creaseless cream is v pritty! if i see it at that price i may pick on up

  3. I'm back at my parents today and I'm here for the week so I'm going to check. They better have something!


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