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Beauty on a budget: The 99p store


Have you ever been to your local 99p store? I know the general perspective is that they're full of cheap, plastic tat but there are some gems to be found.  Some of my favourite buys for the grand sum of 99 pence are as follows: 

 A set of 400 hair grips
You can never have too many of these especially since they always mysteriously disappear (where do they go??). I hate having to pay for a small pack of 30 when I know I will lose them all within a fortnight, so when I found this set I was more than happy. They are really good quality and I like that they come in a normal length and an extra long length. Super duper.

Evian Affinity Original nourishing lotion
My HG moisturiser which I can only find in the 99p store, and when I do, I stock up like there's no tomorrow.

Deep cleansing nose and face pore strips.
I have used Superdrug's own tea tree brand nose strips and I can honestly see no difference between them and these. They do the job well and I can't complain.

Slanted eyeshadow and lip brush
Random no name brushes which are good for practising with, especially if you can't afford to shell out £10+ on a makeup brush. These are surprisingly good quality - almost on par with my No7 brushes, which makes them an even better bargain.

Have you ever bought anything from the 99p store?


  1. I love the 99p shop as you know ;) but I've never ever found any makeup brushes in mine. I will keep an eye out for that moisturiser as my current one isn't doing me any justice.

    I'm going to try and find these nose strips but once again I've never seen them because the beauty section in my pound shop is right by the door so I may try one further away.

    I found one of mg HG shampoos (Revlon Flex)in the pound shop and I stock up on those and still get change from a tenner

  2. I've only seen them sell brushes once or twice, so it's quite rare. They were selling some Revlon ones a little while ago though.

  3. I never really look properly at my 99p shop just sort of follow my mom around and pick up a drink or pack of sweets :p
    But thanks to your post I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled next time im in there :) I hope I find 400 hair grips, I think those things grow legs and run off!

  4. ooo i wonder if my local one has the matifying verson of the evian moisturiser, i loved that!!

    hmm tomorrow i may go on a cheap spree lol

    im on a budget at the mo, best friends weddin is in a month n its burning a big hole in my pocket

  5. I love the £1 shop so much! Always has some great stuff! And they sells lots of Oreos! haha x

  6. @Daisy Chain Adventures - Make sure you grab loads when you do!

    @Inner Belle - If you find any, let me know which store because I can never find them :(

    @Eleanor - I'm good and always manage to steer clear of the sweets and biscuit section coz I could easily spent a tenner in that aisle alone!


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