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Miss Sporty Fabulous eyes

I've had these pencils for quite sometime but never got round to blogging about them because I had much more exciting things to post. Just looking at them doesn't really evoke much excitement does it? Damn sticky tape residue!

I bought these way back when Superdrug were doing 3 for 2 on all makeup items because they were cheap (£2.19 each) and I couldn't decide on anything else. I chose "Brilliant brown" and "Peach punk".

Brilliant brown is a matte colour with a subtle shimmer whilst Peach punk is not peach at all, but a frosty pink with lots and lots of shimmer. I initially wasn't impressed, as I wore the brown on my upper lashline and it smudged and faded within the hour. However, the peach punk liner works well on the waterline as an eye brightener (I find white kohl is too stark on me). It also makes a great highlighter for cheekbones and eyebrow arches as it's easy to blend.

Miss Sporty markets these as "eyeshadow pencils to shade & define" so I assume that these aren't really meant to be used as eyeliners. Peach punk is great  but I think the brown would work better as a base with an eyeshadow on top.

Have you tried these? Are there any other Miss Sporty products you would reccommend?

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  1. i think i have a black one, use it as base, but defo need a primer or itll crease


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