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Review: Maybelline Collosal mascara

I've heard such good things about this mascara but was reluctant to try it with the disaster that is Lash Stiletto in mind (I had to throw it out because I seriously couldn't stand the smell). Thankfully Collosal has no discerning smell whatsoever and unlike LS,  it's a great mascara.

Fat brushes aren't for everyone but I love them, and this has a large bristle one which is great for gripping lashes at the root. As you can read above, it promises 7 times more volume in just one coat and no clumps. I can't say that I noticed 7x more volume but you can see the result for yourselves.

Without mascara

With one coat (top lashes only)

I am happy with the length of my lashes and prefer mascaras which provide volume. This certainly does the job as my lashes look much thicker and as it's  waterproof, it lasts all day with no flaking. You do need a good eye makeup remover for the waterproof version or else it won't budge!

Is it worth the hype? I think so and I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out.

I bought mine for £6.99 at Boots.


  1. i have tonnes of mascara to get thru before i even think about buying this one, bt now that i think abt it i may av it alredy

    Note to myself, must check out my mascara stash 2mrw

    gr8 review, and lovely long lashes, i have none :(

  2. @InnerBelle - How many mascaras must you own if you're not sure if you have it already? :p

    They're not that long - my lil bro has amazing long ones and they are wasted on him!!

  3. right i did have a check and i dont have it but i have loads so i wont allow myself to buy it neither

    thats so strange so does my younger bro - wat a waste lol

  4. Your lashes look fab! I must try this one! :) x

  5. @tackyblueeyshadow thank you! :) x x

  6. oh I Have this one. Its works pretty good on me.

  7. I use it too and I find it good :)
    But I want great! Sometimes finding the right mascara is like finding the right shoes :P

    Meda from m-femmefatale.blogspot.com


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