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Colourful and comfortable flats all the way!

So yesterday I went out for dinner and decided to wear my new pair of heels that I had bought over the weekend. They pinched a bit but I thought it would be a good opportunity to wear them in and stretch them out..... bad idea! The first 45 mins were fine but after that, I swear they got tighter with every step. I managed to withstand the pain for another hour before admitting defeat - my squished toes couldn't take it anymore.

I made a beeline for the nearest shop which happened to be H&M. These beauties were the first shoes I saw and I promptly paid for them and wore them straight away.

These are from the Garden Collection, "made with environmentally adapted materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton and organic linen".  They are the prettiest and most colourful flats I own - all my shoes are black or tan!

Not bad for £9.99 right? They're slightly too big but nothing that can't be rectified with some comfy insoles. The only downside is that as they're made from fabric, they will probably get dirty quickly. However, looking down at them cheers me up on dreary days such as the one we had today.

You can view the rest of the Garden Collection on H&M's website.


  1. I love heels but always have to slip a pair of flats in my bag (or boyfriends pocket if the bag is too small). Those are beautiful though :D

  2. These are gorgeous, I'm going to try and find myself a pair!

  3. they are such sweet shoes, love em, like emma i too love heels but always carry a pair comfy flats with me, a pair in my bag and a pair in my car

  4. those shoes are so lovely and cute. Wow not bad for just 9.99! thats awesome! loving your blog here - following you!


  5. Absolutely adorable shoesys.
    I havent seen these in my H&M! hmph...!
    They make me feel so summery and happy :)


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