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So I read on Barry M's blog today that they have a new concealer pen, "Imperfection Correction", which will be hitting the shops in April (although you can buy it on their website right now).

Imperfection Correction has been devloped to "conceal blemishes, dark circles and signs of fatigue from the eye area, whilst illuminating the skin and adding a touch of radiance".

It even has anti ageing properties - "includes a UV filter to protect against UV rays and extract of White Tea which acts as an anti-oxidant."

I love trying new products out and for only £5.95 this sounds great, so I visit their website to see if I can find a suitable shade.....


Apparently these three shades "suit all skin tones". Really?? ALL?!

Screenshots taken from the Barry M website.


  1. sount good till i saw the colour selection, i hate when brands do that, i mean do people only come in 3 shades!! lol bloody generic!

  2. LOL@do people only come in three shades! That would be perfect..

    I agree though, seems a bit ridiculour that those colours are so close to each other. It pisses me off when a company does that, they shoot themselves in the foot and immediately cut out a lot of their possible customers.

    I find that Barry M blushers and eye dusts are the only things I buy from their range, their glosses are bit dodgy looking on my skin too.

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