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More Sleek Blusher Love

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know how much I love Sleek products, especially their blushers. I promised I would complete my collection and I am almost there! The two above are Flamingo on the left and Sahara on the right.

Sahara is a matte brick brown/orangey colour which gives my cheeks a really nice natural glow. Flamingo is a  hot pink with subtle shimmer - you only need a tiny bit of this as it's so bright.

I now own 4 out of their 5 blushers and all I need is Pixie Pink!

Sleek blushers are £3.29 and can be bought on their website.


  1. Oh wow.. Shara looks really nice :) I own Rose Gold and I loooove it!

    xoxo Linny

  2. Flamingo looks so nice and bright.. I have scandalous and I loove it


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