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1,2, buckle my shoe

Forgive me for the worst photos ever and try to ignore how stumpy my legs look. I don't wear my jeans like this but I was trying to show the new shoes I bought from Primark in their entirety.

These open toed buckled wedges are REALLY similar to the much lusted after buckled boots by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony . ASOS had a similar pair on sale but I thought they looked too "plasticy" and were too high for me.

These are made from a faux suede material and don't look too cheap. They are also really comfortable to walk in as the wedge isn't too high. Another major plus is that they're only £15!

I know they're not to everyone's taste but I love them so much.


  1. I love those shoes! For £15 I think i'll have to have a look for them in my Primark :)

  2. Caz - They also have them in a tan colour but I prefer black! xx

  3. When I saw these, I didn't expect them to come from primark at all! And for only £15!! I definitely need to pick some of these up, I love them! x

  4. in.love they are gorgeous!!<333

  5. i cant believe they were £15!! ive seen these everywhere but none that look that nice for such a good price! i need them!

  6. beautifulBrunette714 - They're surprisingly good quality for Primark as well xx

    Rachelwears - I knowww, I love them <3 xx

    QuiteQuaint - Go get some! xx

  7. same!!! I saw them and they reminded me of the one's Chloe S. had on.


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