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Monthly Favourites: July 2010

 I know we are halfway through August but better late than never!

1. Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection and Leave in Spray - Rolling over from last month, I am still loving this product, especially as my hair is really dry and damaged at the moment. I often spritz this onto my hair when I feel that it could do with a bit of moisture and it does a great job without feeling sticky or greasy.

2. Cutex Moisture Guard Nail polish Remover - Nothing outstanding but it does what it says and does it really well. The big plus is that it doesn't have a strong chemical smell, so I can use this with ease without the fear of passing out from fumes (as is the case with most other removers).

3. Vaseline Sheer Infusion Mineral Renewal Body Lotion - Bought this on offer and it isn't like anything I've used before. It has an almost gel like consistency but is really moisturising (without feeling sticky) and smells so good. It also claims to contain "enriching minerals like those found in healthy skin" but to be honest I don't really know much about that...

4. Coconut Oil - I've already done an entire post on this but also wanted to add it here as I've been using it every day! My ends are really dry despite using an intensive conditioner, so I try to lock in moisture and keep them in good condition by rubbing in a pea sized amount.

5&6. Mac Mineralize Blushes in Warm Soul and Dainty - I'm not really wearing any makeup at the moment but can't get enough of blushes. These are great in summer as the shimmer really reflects in the sunshine (when it decides to make an appearance).


  1. i love aussie heat protection!!!! :) nice blog

  2. May have to try get some coconut oil then :)

  3. @Make up by Yass - yeh it's awesome! xx

    @3ate4 - You should be able to get it in any supermarket xx

  4. Thanks, shall have a look!

  5. I've been loving Dainty too think i might have to add warm soul to my collection soon :)

  6. I have a bottle of that oil lying around..same brand and everything ;) I just find it a bit fiddly cos it's solid and it's too much effort to melt it down everytime you want to use some, but then again..it's the only hair oil ive come across that smells bearable :/

  7. LOVE this feature! I might have to do it too! I'll send you a link when I've done my monthy favourites and I'll link back to you too! x

  8. @Imogen - I highly reccommend Warm Soul, it's gorgeous xx

    @perfectionishuman - I find the easiest way is to blast the bottle with my hairdyer. I also hate other hair oils because of the smell xx

    @Corinne aw thank you, I look forward to reading yours! xx


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