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Caring for dry/damaged hair

I recently bleached the ends of my hair - it's not as contrasted (or stupid looking) in real life, to be honest no one has even noticed! I wanted something different, which I definitely acheived but the downside was that it didn't leave my hair in very good condition. The ends are really dry, having been stripped of moisture along with the colour and I get new split ends everytime I brush my hair. The first two weeks afterwards were awful and my hair felt like straw, so I began trying out new products to try and repair the damage I caused.

These are the current things I'm using to help repair and maintain the condition of my hair:

1. Tresemme Thermal Recovery Intensive Repair & Rehydration Treatment - For something that sounds like it would be amazing, I haven't really noticed it do much. It has almond and aloe vera extract which I feel should have done something but honestly, it feels like any other conditioner rather than a deep conditioning treatment.

2. Herbal Essences Beautiful End Split End Protection Intensive Mask - Their shampoos don't agree with me but I saw this on offer in Boots and wanted to try it. I use it everytime I have a shower, leaving it in for a good 10 minutes and my hair feels so silky and smooth. For all I know, it could just be all the silicon but I REALLY LIKE the results.

3&4. I've done too many posts on these - read more here and here.

Is there anything you would reccommend for dry/damaged hair? I need all the help I can get!


  1. I also have dry hair from constantly dying it! I use Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer treatment, its expensive, but it's a massive tub and lasts forever! Makes your hair so soft and bouncy!

  2. ok, its expensive, £17 a tub, but i really reccomend Kerstace -



  3. Remember that Dabur thing I had on my blog? That is BRILLIANT for dry hair.

  4. @Style Frost - Oh I'd love to try that but it's far too expensive for me :( x

    @CGFB - Do you use this regularly? £17 is feasible x

    @Rhamnousia - Yeh I do! I'll see if I can find a tub somewhere x

  5. Great post :)
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  6. well my mum bought it a couple of years ago, she gave it to me, i used it like no tommorow, it made my hair so so soft. My hair is v. thin so i have to be careful about it making it lank, but it just made it ultra nourished, then i kicked myself because i used £17 pot in the space of a month when i should have used it at more special occasions! sigh

    but it must have been good for me to get through it rather quickly, i have tried the leave in conditioner and that worked wonders but thas more of an up-keep than a treatment i guess.

    i would go into hairdressers and ask maybe? but def buy from that site, so much cheaper and ive used them before xxx


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