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Olay Beauty Fluid

When I last ran out of my usual moisturiser, I picked this up in Sainsburys after lots of umming and ahhing. Despite being a well established and long running brand, I have never used anything by Olay  before but I thought I would give it a go.

What I like most is the fluid consistency and how easily it's absorbed. I found this strange at first as I'm used to thicker and creamier products which need to be rubbed in. However, this is light and non greasy which makes it a perfect moisturiser for summer. It has a pleasant fragrant scent and does the job well. Coming in at under a fiver, I can't complain and will be buying another bottle when this runs out. I'm also keen to try other Olay products. Any reccommendations?


  1. i use their gentle refreshing toner and cleanser, i also use the beauty fluid but in the UV version which contains spf15. amazzzzzing products. with them my skin is at the best it has ever been. recently started trying their eye cream but its early days as yet.



  2. I wanted to get the UV version but they didn't have any in store. Will deffo try it next time! xx


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