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Mac Pro Longwear Concealer (NC42)

This is most probably the last post about Mac products for quite a while as my makeup funds are running low after my last haul. I wasn't even aware of the Pro Longwear collection until I was instore and decided that I obviously needed to buy this as concealer is my life (not really but you know...)

I was also tempted by its sleek good looks and pump dispenser which looks very "pro". In reality it's not that great as I always end up pumping out more product that I need. However it really does last for ages so that more than makes up for it. As much as I love my Select Moisture cover, I find it wears away easily, especially since I tend to rub my eyes a lot.

On the left is Pro Longwear with Select Moisturecover to the right. Both are in NC42 but Pro Longwear is lighter for some strange reason. However when blended (in the photo below) it's still a perfect match.

So how does it really compare with Select Moisturecover? SMC is really smooth and creamy whilst this is more of a liquid consistency that sets with a matte finish. I usually apply concealer with my ring finger but because this sets so quickly I definitely need a brush because it's hard to blend into the thin skin under my eyes.

I don't think it's amazing but it works well. Would I buy it again? Maybe....

Did you buy anything from the Pro Longwear collection?

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  1. Great review honey!
    I'm actually thinking this may not be for me... I find that concealer doesn't last long on my under eye area. Even if with powder!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting links on my blog post... You're such a sweetheart!



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