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Recent makeup buys

Because of RamadanI haven't spent money on food this month so I've had a splurge on makeup. Haven't had time to make dedicated posts yet but here's a lil glimpse of what my upcoming posts will be on.


  1. Where did u get the naked palette!
    Eid mubarak girl!!!

  2. Great haul wer r u gettin ur MUFE prods from?

  3. @Make up by Yass - Eid Mubarak lovely! I got the Naked palette over the weekend from Debenhams on Oxford st. You can buy it on their website and there's a 10% voucher code & free delivery floating around somewhere xx

    @Amina - I got them from a livejournal makeup community. It's much cheaper from the US xx

  4. Eid Mubarak!!

    Looking forward to ur review of the smoky lash and urban decay!!

  5. Nice buys. I'm looking forward to trying out my Naked palette properly this weekend.

  6. @bollywoodstylediaries eid mubarak to you too! :) xx

    @Becky I haven't tried mine out either. It's too pretty to spoil hehe xx

  7. cool buys, gotta love MAC!



  8. The smoky eyes by MUFE is such a GREAT mascara to achieve a fierce smoky eyes ! One of my fav..


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