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NOTD: Barry M 'Silver Cascade'

My first foray into glitter polishes but I'm not as pleased with the outcome as I thought I would be.  This is very glittery so I expected it would be multi dimensional, but it looks flat and lacks a certain something. Perhaps it's too much to ask for something that only costs £2.95.

This is three coats over a grey polish base.

Maybe I need to invest in some glittery OPI instead...


  1. Yeah you should totally try a OPI one!!!
    But i really like this one to!

  2. Models Own Discomix is like a better version of this. I got it when they had their 50% off sale on and my mum has been wearing it on her toes. She wore two coats and it gets darker as time goes on and looks anything but flat. If you want a fingernail swatch, let me know :)


  3. @Make up by Yass - It's nice but I do think an OPI one would be much better xx

    @Rhamnousia - Oh yes please, I'd love to see a swatch! xx


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