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Muji Hinoki face brush - The £3.95 skin marvel

I've read about how amazing face brushes are on many other blogs (most recently on Secret Beauty Blog and Desi Girl Does Makeup) so when I was in Muji the other day, I decided to see for myself and bought this dinky little face brush.

I was initially apprehensive about using an actual brush to clean my face but my skin's been looking a bit dull lately and my usual exfoliator just hasn't been cutting it. The problem I find with exfoliators is that I'm never sure if I'm reaching all the areas I need to, with the exfoliating beads/granules being so scattered. I then end up overdoing it and leave my skin (especially around my nose) feeling sore.

However, I've never been so impressed with a product and it's so simple to use. I use a squirt of normal face wash and brush my whole face avoiding the eye area. It's not harsh at all as the water softens the bristles (not 100% sure if they're natural) and the results are instantaneous. I couldn't believe how clean and soft my skin felt afterwards, something I have never experienced from washing my face normally.

Since I've been using this my skin has definitely improved in appearance and I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner!


  1. Ooooh, this brush does sounds like a dream. must find my nearest Muji's and buy this brush! xx

  2. That one looks painful!

    They're bloody brilliant though, aren't they?

    If your skin gets really bad, use it with a microdermabrasion scrub, that will fix it right up.

  3. Love the handle, I might get one of these.

    They really do make such a difference!


  4. oh wow!! I need this one as my exfoliation doesnt seem to be working..

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  6. @DesignSpray - It's amazing! xx

    @Rhamnousia - It really is brilliant. I thought it looked painful as well but it's not at all xx

    @Karleigh - The handle is cool coz I hang it up to dry in my shower :D xx

  7. I wanna get that muji brush since its made from the white horse hair.How do u use it? Do u brush ur face dry and then use your regular cleanser?

  8. @farah I use with my regular face wash. I suppose you could use it dry but with a light hand otherwise it would be a bit too rough x

  9. Do u see any difference wt the brush? R u still using it?:)

  10. @farah - Yes I'm still using it. I noticed a big difference in how soft my skin felt after I used it for the first time. I don't have skin problems other than it can look a bit dull sometimes and I feel that this helps me to clean my face thoroughly x

  11. I just bought one of these! Haven't tried it out yet, actually a little nervous to since my skin can be a little sensitive, so I was looking for reviews and landed here! Thanks!



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