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(Ballet) Pump it up

I know, I know...lame title, but I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't boring.

Just showing off my footwear of the moment. These New Look flats are exactly the same as the ones I have from Topshop but sturdier and half the price (£8). I first saw these on Sarah's blog and rushed out to get a pair in black. Sadly there were none in my size so I settled for these gold ones.

Grainy photo courtesy of my phone.

They're still in stock online (not sure about instore) and come in 5 different colours. If you're looking for a simple pair of ballet pumps these are a great buy - even more so if you're lucky to be blessed with a student card.


  1. These are brilliant for £8!

  2. i really wanted the red pair :( oh well next summer! xxx


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