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Nail Rock Nail Wraps

I love the look of Minx nails but as is the story with most things, I can't really afford them. Then I read about these nail wraps on BritishBeautyBlogger which seemed like a good and affordable substitute.

I bought mine for £6.50 from Topshop but you can also get them on Asos. I originally wanted leopard printed ones but they didn't have any so settled for these plain silver wraps.

Application is simple - place the wrap on your finger nail, apply heat from a hairdryer to activate the glue, press down firmly and file off the excess. However it's so fiddly and time consuming. It took me a good 30minutes to do one hand and I managed to burn my cuticles with the heat from my hairdryer :(

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with the outcome. My thumb, forefinger and middle finger came out so crap and I couldn't smooth out the wrinkles. I think this is because my nail beds are more curved on these fingers than on my ring and little finger which came out great. That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

They didn't last long, about two days? The edges became flappy and I ended up peeling them off because they were irritating me so much. I won't be repurchasing these because they're too much hassle for me. But for special occasions they would be great.


  1. Oh no! I did think how would it work with a hairdryer. I think this is where they've gone wrong, it should just be a simple transfer! They look good on you though, but such a shame about the peeling :(

  2. @Sana - I think it wouldn't have peeled so much had it been thinner. It was thicker than I expected

  3. I've got some of these laying about but everytime I go to use them I sit back and think... I can't be arsed lol


  4. @Karleigh - lol I don't blame you. Takes sooo long xx

  5. such a great idea in theory but it sounds like waaay too much trouble! My nails are all funny shapes which is no biggy when I'm wearing regular polish but I imagine it would make these a complete nightmare to apply

    Great review - you've saved me £6 :)


  6. that is so disappointing, i'll def be giving this a miss! xxxx

  7. Have to say the color is stunning!! really looks good on ur fingers. I think they are too complicated for me - will stick to nail color:-)

  8. Wooowww the result is soo disappointing if you were expecting something similar to katy perry's minxed nails !!!! Great I read this review because I was thinking about getting the leopard print one!! I will definitely NOT now that I know...
    Thanks for sharing


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