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NOTD: Barry M Limited Edition 030

Sorry for two nail polish related posts in a row but I found this Barry M polish today and I had to apply it as soon as I got home. I actually went into Boots to see if I could find their new Instant Nail Effects polish but also spied this beauty. I can't find it on the website but the sticker says "Boots Limited Edition 030" so perhaps you can only buy it there? Anyway I got both for a fiver (don't know how long this offer lasts).

Like every other Barry M polish, it's a two coat job (but one would be okay too). I'm hoping this will last because I loooove the vibrant glossy colour and I really think it suits my skintone.

At first I thought it was too similar to Blueberry Ice Cream, which it appears to be judging by the bottle. However I compared swatches along with Revlon's Plum Seduction and you can see the results for yourself - it's between a plum and lilac colour.

oh Barry M, you never fail to disappoint with your nail paints.


  1. When I went to buy the nail art polish this weekend from Boots, they told me it wasn't in the 2 for £5 so I just bought it alone.

    I've seen this colour around for a while though, so not sure how LE it is.

  2. Thanks for your reply hun :)
    That's really cute "une tasse" :)
    This nail polish remind me of lila

  3. I brought this the other day as well... my friend lent it to me and I've been hunting it down ever since... Soo glad it's not LE!!

  4. @Rhamnousia - Whaaat? That's not fair as lots of other people have been able to get it in the two for a fiver deal :(

    I don't think it's very LE either but it's the first time I've seen it instore xx

    @Makeup by Yass - I love berry colours! xx

    @Sami - I hope it sticks around for a while, it's a lovely colour xx

  5. I love Barry M! You're right: this shade looks really nice with your skin tone.



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