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Things I've been loving this week (in photos)

1. Barry M's instant nail effects polish.
2. Big clumpy boots for winter.
3. Mac's Plumful lipstick.
4. Eldora lashes.
5. Black XS - my new favourite perfume.
6. Fuggs as house "slippers". My feet have never been so toasty!


  1. Yes to all of them! Especially to the Winter boots and the Eldora Lashes, they look so fluttery! xx

  2. This week end i bought the Barry M instant nail effects polish and i love it!!!

  3. i'm loving your nails! and i'm feeling some major eyebrow envy lol yours are perfect! xxx

  4. mm black xs - i just membered about this, i shall spritz sum on 2mrw - it got lost at the back of my shelf, that lippy looks nice - tempted now

  5. love those clumpy boots..and you have beautiful eyes..

  6. @DesignerSpray - First time ever that I've been successful in applying fluttery lashes! xx

    @Makeup by Yass - Me tooo. Can't wait to try other colours xx

    @Amina - It smells really good. Great winter perfume xx

    @Karleigh - The FUGLIEST fuggs ever!! xx

    @bollywoodstylediaries - thank you :) xx

  7. @City Girls Fashion Box - Woops nearly missed you out Sarah :p that's my good eyebrow, the other one is rubbish! xx


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