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Impulse purchase of the summer

...and the award goes to this funky beaded/sequin necklace from Primark. A steal at £3 but I don't know how to wear it and pull the look off successfully. Bah - perhaps I'll save it for next summer.


  1. You could always use it to jazz up a really plain outfit? It's so pretty it'd be a shame to put it away till next summer!

  2. I have the same one from primark but mine is brown and gold :D
    I love it.

  3. its really pretty..u could wear it with a simple tee..

  4. hey, i just did a post on Sonali Bendre wearing bib necklaces - maybe you could get some inspiration!!let me know how it goes..

  5. @Dani - I've tried wearing it with plain tops but I feel a bit self concious afterwards because not sure if it looks good :3

    @Yass I think I saw it on your blog. what do you wear it with?

    @BSD - I saw that post on your blog this morning. she totally rocks it!


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