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Aishwarya Rai covers Elle December 2010

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I love the makeup and I love the hair even more. Why did they photoshop all the colour out of her though? She could almost pass for a porcelain doll.


  1. Why have they airbrushed her colour out, she's naturally darker than that!
    Love your blog :) xxx

  2. she is bloody gorgeous! i would be absolutely disgusted if some one photoshopped my skin colour.

    I grasp that the shoot may be 'full of light' or that crap, but she isn't white, so why make her like that TSK. come on Elle! xxx

  3. This is what annoys me..whenever someone of colour is deemed good enough to front a product/magazine which has before been the playing ground of Caucasian models/people of fame, they have to 'shop all the colour out of them.

    They did it with Beyonce when she did L'oreal and they've done it with her here. You'd think that Ash and B being as big as they are would be able to tell them to not mess around with the pics but they don't seem to care. Doesn't really send out a good message to all the darker skinned Indian and black girls out there..and it's not like skin bleaching isn't advertised heavily in magazines aimed at both black and Indian girls.

    Whilst I'm on on my soapbox I will also say that I find it perpetuates further to the belief that you have to be light skinned to be accepted/ get far in this world which is another thing you shouldn't be jamming into young minds. I'm aware that Elle isn't aimed at young people but they still see it.

  4. I know right. Well I guess this is her Caucasian twin...

  5. @Parisa - Thank you :) Thing is, she's fairly "light" skinned anyway. It's stupid!

    @City Girls Fashion Box - It is disgusting, there was no need.

    @Rhamnousia - I don't get the point of having racially diverse models when you're just going to lighten their skin to the point that they look Caucasian.

  6. Wow, I can't believe they have photoshopped her colour out - that ridiculous, she looks like a completely different person!

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  8. @ Rham! My gosh!!

    You know my brother was telling me that they had made her lighter! It's a total screwed up perception of 'beauty'! I don't think you should have to look any certain way to be accepted or thought as beautiful in the world!

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way :)

    Kaushal xx

  9. I've never heard if her. I don't see the problem they lightend everyones skin and darken paler people thats the industry. I am surprised people are shocked. Shes got quite light skin anyway.



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