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Review: Dr Organic - Royal Jelly Night Cream

It is only recently that I've become more aware of the amount of chemicals in beauty products I use. This is down to one of my best friends who now only uses products that are 100% natural. She uses shea butter (which she buys in bulk), coconut/almond/olive oil, rosewater and even makes her own shampoo and shower gel! I'm not going to go that far just yet but I've started to think more about the ingredients in the products I buy and if there are more natural alternatives.

Whilst I'm aware of the brand, this is the first Dr Organics product I have used. SLS and paraben free, this is made from natural ingredients (see detailed list here). I was expecting the cream to be thin and watery but it's actually thick and performs like any other, just without all the chemicals. It also doesn't feel heavy or greasy. I especially like the swish glass container it comes in. It has a pleasant light scent - to me it smells like the inside of a flower (sorry, I'm terrible when it comes to describing scents).

This is what it says on the back of the box:

I can't comment on if it has made any difference to fine lines/wrinkles as I don't have any but what I can say is that it's rich and very moisturising. I apply this every night before bed and when I wake up my face feels soft and hydrated. In this harsh weather, I've also used this as my daily moisturiser.

I don't have senstive skin but if you do, and you are looking for a cream made from natural ingredients, I would reccommend this or any other in the range.

I'm happy with the results so far and would like to try more products from this brand. I think next on my list will be this Rose Otto hand and nail cream.

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  1. Hello
    I'm 36, a few lines around my eyes (I use the pomegranate eye cream) and mixed skin. However my skin is dehydrated. What's the best cream?

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  3. @intel I couldn't really say as what works for me might not be the best thing for you. Perhaps look out for creams especially for dry skin. Drinking lots of water helps too x


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