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Get your wellies on

Snow may be pretty but is really difficult to walk in. Especially when it compacts and turns into ice, or disintegrates and turns into slush. Both have been wreaking havoc on my boots so I decided to get some wellies.

My first port of call was Asda, but obviously they had sold out as all the smart people had bought them a week before when snow was first predicted. Office was the only place I found with the widest range of "fashionable" wellies for under £30. I wanted these blue snowflakes ones but they didn't have any in my size so I settled for this gold flock printed pair.

They don't have as much grip as knee high wellies but they are comfortable and keep my feet warm and dry. Affordable at £15 too. I'm a size 6.5 and the 6 was slightly too big but nothing that can't be rectified with a thick pair of socks.

Here's a crappy phone pic of me wearing them, obviously looking full of Christmas spirit and cheer(!!).

The great thing is that they don't look like traditional green wellington boots and I can easily incorporate them into anything I wear (I do wear a lot of black). These biker style wellies actually look like a proper pair of boots!

I haven't worn wellies since I was a kid and it felt really strange walking in them. I did however take great relish splashing in a big puddle when no one was looking :D

What have you been wearing in the snow?


  1. They're gorgeous! I looked everywhere for some decent pretty wellies but didn't find any I liked, so I have these in black instead:

    They're soooo cosy and I love the fur on top, hehe. I think we've proved that snow-resistant footwear doesn't have to be unfashionable :) x

  2. The wellies are cute.. we dont get snow here so I can wear my regular boots..

  3. new follower:)
    i've been wanting some of those wellies but the ones i've found look to "girly" for my taste. yours are gorgeous!

  4. love your wellies the pattern is so cute x

  5. aww i got the blue snowflake ones and my mum got the same as yours haha! they are nice though :)xx

  6. I've worn my purple Hunters every day for about two weeks!

  7. The print on those wellies is so pretty, they look great on you! xoxo


  8. @Dani Oo your boots look proper warm and cosy x

    @bollywoodstylediaries You're lucky you don't get snow, I'm sick of it!

    @MakeupbyYass hehe thank you x

    @Selene aw thanks. I'm not a fan of overly floral ones but they do have lots of plain but stylish ones

    @kirstyb thank you x

    @sarah Your mum and yourself clearly have good taste hehe x

    @Becky Oh I wish I could afford Hunters. They had some in tkmaxx for £20 but sadly I'm not a size 3 :|

    @pearlslaceandruffles thank you :)

  9. eugh ive been having a nightmare walking in the snow! I have dr martens but they cut my feet to pieces, so i've been resorting to my ugly wellies.
    Yours are gorgeous though!

  10. love the boots ,, u look gorgeous hun

  11. @Princess Feef aw thank you <3


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