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Christmas jumpers and Boxing Day sales

After watching the Miranda special last night, I've decided that I really want a Christmas jumper. Now that my siblings and I are older, our family doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore. We don't have a tree and we don't exchange gifts among ourselves but we do have a massive Christmas feast! I think some gaudy apparel would be just the thing to make me feel extra festive whilst wolfing down my roast.

I used to have amazing cheesy xmas jumpers as a child from good old C&A(R.I.P) but the trouble is I've left it too late this year. I'll try and keep a look out in the sales on Boxing Day.

Speaking of which, I've compiled a list of things I'm buying this year and hope I stick to it!

1. Boring but necessary. I've come to realise that when it comes to socks, it's quality over quantity. I usually buy multipacks from Primark but they're thin and get holey after a few wears.

2. Undercrackers, because you can never have too many right? I'll be hitting M&S's website as I cannot bear to rummage in piles and upon racks looking for my size.

3. I am the cardigan queen. I have so many but they're so versatile and I love them. I especially want this Zara one with faux suede elbow patches. My sister bought it a few weeks ago but I couldn't squeeze into it :(

4. I need a new camera and I'm holding out until the 26th to see if I can get a good deal.

As lists go this is pretty boring but cameras are expensive and I simply don't need anything at the moment. This is the main reason I'm staying away from Topshop as I know I'll get tempted by something shiny.

What are you buying? Do you have any go to shops when it comes to the sales?

P.S Check out Sarah's post for some sales tips


  1. Ever since I've been able to drive (Christmas 2001), me and my brothers have been making an annual pilgrimage to Brent Cross shopping centre. I always get ants in my pants about buying stuff and I seldom find anything good..them two get so much. Last year we went to Westfield and once again I didn't find much. I'm seriously going to make my place minimalist this year so I need no housey things, my cupboards are fit to brust with clothes so I might concentrate on makeup...

  2. aw lovely thanks for the mention :)

    feel free to shoot me if you cant get a camera ;)
    i love that jumper, the arm bits are really different.

    also i HEART miranda, how much do you fancy Gary?? xxxx

  3. I saw some Christmas jumpers today, In Asda of all places! I was tempted though!


  4. @Rhamnousia - It seems that men have most luck in the sales (gits). My dad always gets tons of brill stuff xx

    @City Girls Fashion Box - Gary is a bonafide hottie! xx

    @Jo - I never thought of Asda. I'm so gonna check it out! xx


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