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ELF free shipping & free LE nail polish

Great promotion from ELF at the moment which finishes at midnight tomorrow. They actually have lots of different discounts or freebies with orders on different days over this festive period. Follow them on Twitter for the latest.

I'm going to use this opportunity to buy the new brushes from their studio line - the stippling and angled contour brush. I've also got my eye on this bamboo angled blush brush from the mineral range but I'm going to wait for reviews as I don't know if it would be fluffy enough for me.

I have been waiting for a free shipping code for ages and the nail polish is a bonus! Even though it will be selected at random, I'm looking forward to trying it as I've read nothing but positive reviews.

Will you be buying anything? I highly recommend the powder brush which is my favourite.


  1. I got the new studio stipple brush and big brush holder, not too keen on glitters but who can say no to freebie!


  2. Haha exactly! I can't wait to receive the stipple brush. Hope it's good xx

  3. hmmm, very tempting..I really need an unlimited expense account:-)

  4. Hey! I have the elf studio brush set and have to say that they are really good value for money! Both the contour and angled brushes are lovely too x


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