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Hello lovelies! I feel a bit silly writing this post (don't know why) but I wanted to share my good news with you all. Come this October (iA) I'm going to become a Mrs!

I haven't actually told many people, not because I'm a secretive cow or anything, more because they start questioning all the things I haven't done yet and I start getting really stressed out. Seriously, I've had sleepless nights over this. It sounds really fun and exciting to organise a wedding but in reality it isn't at all. In fact, I'm fed up and wish someone else would do it :(

I haven't even bought a dress or shoes or decided on my hair and makeup. Argh!!! I'll be posting a few wedding related posts over the upcoming months and would love to get any tips/feedback xx


  1. Congrats my dear! I'm looking forward to your upcoming wedding related posts.

    xx ceylondiva

  2. Ahhhh congratulations!!!! How exciting :D Have you not got anyone who's recently got married and could give you tips? My cousin's just got married so she's now my go-to person for help! xxx

  3. Congratulations, that is so exciting for you yay!

  4. Eeee congratulations!!!!! that's such lovely news. Don't panic - I have a few friends who are getting married in this kind of time frame (and less!) and it's totally do-able - and means that the thrill factor doesn't wear out. Can't imagine organising a wedding for two years - it'd be such a bore!

    Looking forward to wedding posts though!

    And beauuuutiful ring! xxx

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  6. Congratulations Tass!!!
    So happy for you! ^_^

    Yay... I'm excited :) :)
    After I got married last year, I told everyone to get married because it's so amazing!

    My sister is getting married in Oct (IA) aswell! Her wedding is on the 1st :)

    Good luck with everything!


  7. congrats :) wonderful news..and totally normal to be fed up about it, but does pass once you start to get things booked up :) oh and thanks for the msg lol.xxx

  8. Awwwww congratulations! I'm so so happy for you! My friend is getting married in the summer and it is quite stressful but think of the end result :)

  9. Congratulations! I think I'd rather have a relatively short amount of time to plan a wedding otherwise it takes over your life for a few years which seems a bit silly!

  10. congratulations!! I work on a bridal mag so if you ever need any advice... :-)


  11. Congratulations! It is major stress organising a wedding, get all the important things booked and out the way and your get your outfit as soon as you can, so you have less stress! x

  12. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :) Can't wait to see your wedding related posts xx

  13. Thank you all for your well wishes :) xxxx

  14. wooohooo... soo happy for u!!

  15. Wow that is some big news! Congratulations :D

    Really looking forward to the up coming posts.

    Aww you have put a smile on my face now!

    Fee x

  16. @Amina(licious)- thank you honey xx

    @About Makeup Savvy - thanks Fee! :) Actually your recent wedding posts really helped me out xx

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Blooming nice ring there lady!

    Good luck for the wedding planning, me and matt have decided that we will be having separate wedding receptions (his will be shite) and honeymoons (he doesnt do sun) - that is if we ever get married!!

    Naturally i will be keeping a lookout for my invite. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. I have read this post btw - i am just a SHITE replier xxxx

  19. So THIS is the post I somehow manage to not read!!
    I know I've said this already but, CONGRATULATIONS :D xxxxxx


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