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Experimenting with braids & an accidental FOTD

My hair is really boring at the moment and it's getting on my nerves. I have a few long layers and a grown out fringe which is becoming hard to style. If I don't straighten it I look like a frizz ball, and if I do, it becomes lank and lifeless.


Not that you can see much of my makeup but I'm wearing:

Eyes: MAC fluid line in Blacktrack, L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, Benefit Gilded eye pencil & MAC Moisturecover select concealer in NC44.
Face: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl & Sleek Coral blush on cheeks
Lips: MAC Vegas Volt lipstick applied sheer.

Anyway whilst watching Gossip Girl this week, I really liked the way Blair's hair was done and I tried to recreate it but my stupid fringe kept falling out. 

Episode stills taken from YKYLM

My solution? Braid it in any way possible and hope for the best. I had some help with the french plait (thanks Mum!) and I did a normal small plait on the left side and pinned it underneath. Doesn't look amazing but I feel it's much better than before. Keeping most of my hair up also kept me cool in the scorching summer sun.

I'd love to be able to do french plaits in my own hair and I really want to know how to do a dutch braid. I've been watching lots of YouTube videos and getting a dead arm from practising. Can anyone recommend any good video tutorials?


  1. I always LOVE Blair's hair, she's partly why I'm growing my hair out! I think you've achieved a gorgeous look here :) I wish I could plait my hair like that but I'm awful at plaits! xx

  2. Don't worry, me too! I can only do a normal one and a fishtail plait xx

  3. I like the style better on YOUR hair compared to Blair's! Just saying! :)


  4. I love it much better than Blair's, yours looks great! x

  5. Braid encyclopedia by letsmakeitup1


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