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Peep toe shoes are my absoulute favourites for summer not only because they help keep my feet cooler than usual but also because I get to show off my brightly polished toes! These yellow canvas ones are from Primark and boy do they get grubby really easily, however I just pop them in the wash and they come out like new. They certainly won't last very long, especially if I keep washing them, but for £6 they'll serve me well this summer.


  1. Ooh, I might go and get a pair of these! They look so cute!

    Are they heeled/wedged at all? Xx

  2. @Amy - no they're completely flat with a thin rubber sole. They come in white, pink and green too xx

  3. They are SO cute! Yellow is a good colour too. I want some! x

  4. I love peep toes too! love bright colours! x

  5. Love these and them bright toe nails!
    Very summery :)

    Fee x

  6. what a steal! those are adorable!


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