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My hayfever survival kit

Every May, my hayfever arrives in full force and if you're a fellow sufferer, you'll know how much of a nightmare it is: Painfully itchy, puffy eyes, sensitive runny nose and stomach wrenching sneezes. I don't like popping pills too often especially as most of them make me feel queasy, so I only take an antihistamine when my symptoms become unbearable. Otherwise I try my best to manage them with other methods.

My eyes are the most affected and keeping them soothed is what I prefer to concentrate on.

  • During hayfever season I always tend to wake up with puffy irritable eyes and using a cooling eye gel really helps. I have been using this Dr Nick Lowe gel and the cooling effect is instantaneous. It also tightens the skin around your eyes, getting rid of the puffiness.
  • I try not to rub my eyes too much so when my eyes get really itchy, I wash them out with water (hopefully washing away any pollen too) and put on a chilled gel eye mask. My mask is from Anatomicals but you could also use cotton pads soaked in cool water, or good old cucumber slices. I should probably buy some eye drops too but I'm terrible at putting them in (think Rachel from Friends).
  • And lastly the best prevention method I have, a pair of sunnies! It keeps pollen from entering my eyes and though it won't stop EVERY single particle of pollen, it makes a remarkable difference to me.

Any more tips from other hayfever sufferers? What's in your survival kit?


  1. I don't tend to suffer from Hayfever, but those sunglasses are so lovely!!! :) xxx

  2. Does that eye gel do anything for dark circles? I've been looking at buying it but haven't been able to find many reviews xx

  3. @Hannah - They were from TKMaxx but Primark had the same pair a while ago. They're the only style that seems to suit me :) xx

    @That Girl - No it's only for puffy eyes really, I have the brightening eye cream too but I haven't been using it enough to say whether it gets rid of dark circles (I'm dubious though) xx

  4. You poor thing! I sneeze like a bitch all the time, caused a right havoc when swine fool was around, people avoided me like the plague. xxxxx

  5. have you tried the Origins eye cream btw? xxx

  6. @CGFB - lol oh no, I remember being scared to sneeze during the swine flu scare, especially on the tube where all the dust irritates my nose! Which Origins eye cream are you referring to? xx

  7. Haha love the sleeping eye patch!

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  8. Lol @Puffy the eye bag slayer.. Very clever. Thanks for the advice. Check me out please www.nxtnline.com

  9. gorgeous post!! x
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  10. I need that eye mask in my life! I get really bad hayfever too but along with the itchy eyes I a scratchy throat and blocked nose :-(

    I also have a cat that likes rolling in grass so I don't think that helps... ! xx


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