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My recent beauty buys

Charles Worthington Daily Defence Heat Spray: How can you tell if your heat protectant spray works well? I find it difficult because my hair always ends up splitting anyway. I guess I buy them and hope for the best? I'm ashamed to say I picked this up because the pink bottle stood out on the shelf. Only bought it this afternoon so haven't used it yet. Fingers crossed!

Gotta B Urban Bronzer Brush: Never heard of this brand but spied it in TK Maxx yesterday. I was instantly wooed by the chunky wooden zebra print handle and it was only £5.99. It's SO soft and despite being branded as a bronzer brush, I'm using this to apply my blush :)

Tweezerman for Benefit Pointed Slant Tweezer: I received this from a Benefit event I went to last week so it's not an actual purchase. The pointed tip is brilliant for tweezing out stubborn eyebrow hairs. I think everyone should own some Tweezermans. They are expensive but so worth the money as I use mine every day. I also have a mini slanted pink version which I carry in my bag.

Topshop Lip Polish in Melba: Popped into Topshop to get some shoes and couldn't resist picking up this lip polish. Like a less gloopier version of lip gloss and much more pigmented.

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara and Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara: Both are highly recommended and I've never tried Voluminous before. I've been wearing it everyday but still can't decide if I like it or whether it's just "okay". I've used the MF mascara before and loved it but sadly I think this particular one is fake. I was being a cheapo and bought it in the market for a fiver and it's NOTHING like the one I used to have. Boohoo.

MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt: Wore this in my last post though can't see the colour well. I've wanted this colour for ages and I finally decided to buy it after Kaushal posted about it. Will eventually do a separate post on this at some point.

Bad gal waterproof liner: I hate the original version of this eyeliner but this one is much more pigmented. I bought it after seeing Lisa Potter-Dixon (head makeup artist of Benefit UK) use this on a model to create a really simple smokey eye with the smudger on the other end of the pencil. It doesn't hold a torch to Avon's waterproof eyeliner though!

What have you bought recently? :)


  1. Made me laugh about the heat protection spray, I feel exactly the same, my favourites Lee Staffords it makes my hair straighten a lot more easily and look shiny, I still have split ends though :(

    The topshop lip polish looks lovely xxx

  2. The way I see if a spray works for me is if it makes my hair feel softer and look shinier.

    My favourite hair heat protectant is Umberto Giannini's one. It comes in a blue bottle and is really good. You can spray as much as you like without it making your hair greasy, it doesn't go sticky and it lasts a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time.

  3. For heat protection you NEED Kerastase Ciment Thermique....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  4. @Becca - Honestly I buy a different one each time and I don't notice any difference. I've never tried the Lee Stafford one so might add it to my list :) xx

    @Rhamnousia - See, that's what I think my shampoo+conditioner should do. I just want my heat protectant spray to help prevent split ends or to stop my hair from drying out when straightening. I'll also look up the UG one you've mentioned xx

  5. @Karleigh - Oh that's pricey but if your exclamation marks indiciate how good it is I might consider it haha. Didn't you do a review on your blog? I can't find it :( xx

  6. Don't mind me, I'm just using your comments to gather ideas for my next heat protectant spray...I've been using the Naked one and a Charles Worthington spray that doubles as a heat protectant and have noticed no difference in my hair whatsoever other than it being easier to detangle...the split ends are breeding! I got Voluminous as well after reading so many blog reviews and it was just okay for me, but might be better for you? Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash is miles better in my opinion :) xx

  7. oh i have bad girl liner and hate it never use it!, so might get this one, but i take avon liner is better? my eyes get watery due to the contacts so need something to last!! :)

  8. I love L'oreal Voluminous! The black one is way better than the grey one! Lovely haul :) x

  9. I've not tried any of these, I do own tweezerman slanted ones and have had them for years, amazing! I need a really good waterproof liner, might try this one although not tried avon either!


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