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FOTD: A 3 minute smokey eye

Popped into Selfridges after work today to have a mooch around MAC. Whilst I was queuing for assistance, I watched a lady spend 10 minutes applying as many things as she could get her hands on. Including the tester lip gloss, straight from the wand to her lips. So GROSS! How many people have also used it before her?!

I didn't walk away with a lipstick for once but bought Teddy kohl pencil, a gorgeous dark bronzey brown with gold shimmer. Flash washes the colour out so I'll put up a swatch another day.

I was meeting the Mr for dinner and only had mascara on so I used this to create a quick smokey eye. I applied Teddy all over the lid and blended, then smudged a black eyeliner along the lash line and outer corner. Finished off with Teddy on the lower lash line and black eyeliner on my waterline. Didn't use any brushes at all, just my ring finger. Quick and really easy! By the time I got home, it had creased and faded a little but I didn't mind so much :)


  1. This is gorgeous, I love the colour of teddy, it really suits you!

  2. Teddy is one of my all time favourite MAC products - I've gone through 3 of them ... a very rare thing!

    I love this look on you... it's really glam in a 'I don't really care' kind of way.


  3. That looks really nice, all bronzey and smokey. I'd have never guessed it was done with a pencil.

    I too saw a lady applying lipstick to her lips right from the sample. Do these people really not think who has touched those? I get icky putting them on my hands, I'd never put it on my lips.

    The worst thing was that she put gloss over the lipstick and then applied other lippies over it and when I went to swatch later, the lipsticks were still gunked over.

  4. Oh wow, gorgeous result, and this only with eyeliners? (:

  5. This looks gorgeous. I'm rubbish at smokey eye looks usually so I might have a go with an eyeliner pencil and see if I have any success.

  6. @imogen - aw thank you xx

    @LionLovingTiger - I've never bought Teddy before but it's such a great colour and I haven't seen many people rave about it? xx

    @Rhamnousia - Urgh!! I feel sick just thinking about it xx

    @Gaby - Yeh just with two eyeliner pencils - one brown and one black! xx

    @fritha louise- I'm rubbish at smokey eyes too, I find it takes me ages to do with eyeshadow and it gets really messy. I much prefer kohl pencils as I have more control xx

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous look! I can't believe you only used 2 products! XX

  8. Argh you should never test out lipglosses straight from the wand to your lips, that's nasty!

    Your eye make-up looks great :)

  9. Love this look. it's quick and looks fabulous. :)

  10. Wow, you only used teddy that's amazing!
    It turned out beautifullu!
    I must get it... Versatile products are always great IMO!


  11. Lovely. Really enjoying your blog, glad I stumbled onto it!


  12. Love it, looks like a natural smokey eye, great colour! x


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